Go Green with Simple Garden Tips

Go Green with Simple Garden Tips

Not all gardens are sustainable. It takes some extra planning to reduce waste and renew energy. Make sure your outdoor space meets the bar by adding these few simple steps to your garden planning.

Plant greenery that attracts good bugs. Every garden will have its share of flying pests. Some are harmful, and some are helpful. Helpful bugs, such as ladybirds, eat harmful bugs. To protect your garden, consider adding plants like marigolds or sunflowers to attract the right kind of insects.

Try composting to enrich your garden’s soil with vital nutrients. Microorganisms in the compost break down dirt, hold in moisture, and stop disease from spreading. It’s a DIY, natural fertilizer that’s easy to make and helpful for the environment. Collect table scraps and other items, like eggs, fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, and weeds in a compost bin. Spread it over the ground in a warm, partially sunlit area of the yard. It can take up to 9 months, before the compost is ready to use on your garden.

Reuse, reduce, and recycle. There are many ways to amp up the green in your garden. Reusing everyday items. You can reuse plastic bottles to cover your seeds or sprinkle water on the crops. Recycle plastics and natural elements from the garden like plant clippings.

With a little planning, your garden can meet the highest standards for green living. It’s not going to cost a lot to do it either. By composting, recycling, and reusing, you’ll create a warm, eco-friendly outdoor garden.