How To Create A Garden Style Living Room

How To Create A Garden Style Living Room

When you live in the middle of a city it can be hard (and very expensive) to find a home with a garden. Many of us, for work or family reasons, are forced to choose an apartment. This kind of accommodation can include a terrace, balcony or even a small patio – but rarely a private garden.

If you love growing plants and flowers, but your home does not include an outdoor area, why don’t you consider recreating a green area inside your apartment? It will add a special touch to your interiors and, at the same time, if you love growing plants you can still enjoy your favourite hobby.

A Peaceful Corner or An Entire Room: You Decide

First of all, choose the location. If you have a large room, choose a corner, not necessarily South-facing, that is well ventilated and receives some natural light during the day. You can even opt for an entire room, to feel as if you were in a lush garden, while sitting on your sofa.

Ideas to Decorate The Living Room for The Perfect Garden Sensation

If you choose a more radical look, be sure to think about the right room decor and furnishing. The furniture should be in a natural colour palette, ranging from white to all the shades of wood, up to the darker tones.

As for upholstery and curtains choose natural materials, such as raw cotton. Pay particular attention to the walls. If you want to create a natural flow between the interior and outside space of a room (let’s say, a balcony), choose fairly big posters with nature or greenery designs. For some inspiration, you can browse through the catalogue, under the “Nature and Landscape” category.

Add a green touch to the furnishings. For example, you can place a green shade on a floor lamp, a green shelf in the middle of white ones, and a green woollen rug underneath the side table.

The Indoor Plants

Below are some suggestions for getting the right houseplant for your apartment.

  • Pothos. This is a great plant to grow indoors. It can grow up to three meters in height. Not only is it incredibly decorative, but it will also help to purify the air inside your home.
  • Guiana Chestnut. This gorgeous plant will add the lush touch you need to your “indoor garden”. Just make sure you water it enough.
  • Begonia. If you want to add some colour, you can choose a couple of different varieties of begonias. They need very little water. Place them right below the window to brighten the whole room with the colours of their flowers.