Add Aquatic Beauty to a Home Garden

Add Aquatic Beauty to a Home Garden

Adding water to your garden’s design isn’t for the faint of heart. Larger water gardens require detailed planning, because digging, equipment, and structures add to the natural elements, such as waterfalls. Once the work is done, the water adds a peaceful vibe to the surrounding garden space.


Choose an area where you will see the garden often. What’s the point in having one that you can’t enjoy? If you spend time on the porch, it’s the perfect area to sit while looking at your glistening water garden. Consider obtaining professional advice on your garden’s location and design. Hiring a consultant may save money, because an expert will help you avoid costly mistakes.


Water gardens usually include edge plants, submerged plants, and floating plants. Floating plants like water lilies or water lettuce. These plants shade the water, clean the pond, and suppress algae. Submerged plants, like sagittaria and hornwort, grow underneath the water. Edge plants give frogs and fish shelter while growing at the edge of the pond.

Fish can keep the mosquitoes in check. Some koi and goldfish will survive winter in a deep pond. Whatever your design and natural element choices, water gardens add distinct beauty to any landscape design.