Give Your Plant a Companion

Give Your Plant a Companion

It’s not surprising that some plants grow better with a companion. Plants don’t get lonely, but some complement each other. If you plan a garden by adding plants that grow better together, you’ll have beautiful and vibrant results.

Garlic and roses work well together. The garlic smell keeps away the pesky insects, protecting the beauty of the rose, as it blooms. Garlic chives sprout flowers that are white and purple. It’s a pleasant look that enhances the colors of budding roses.

Chives deter aphids. The unmistakable smell of chives near the tomatoes will help keep the pests away. The great news is that the odor will not hurt the tomato. It is free to grow.

Radishes deter pesky, cucumber beetles. Dill attracts the insects that will eat pests that are harmful to the cucumber crop. Plant the three together to encourage a healthy cucumber harvest.

The carrot smell will keep onion flies away from spring onions. The onion smell will keep the carrot pests away from the carrots. It’s a tasty match made in heaven. The two do well growing together in the garden and cooking together in the kitchen.