Specialty Gardens Express a Gardener’s Passion

Specialty Gardens Express a Gardener’s Passion

Specialty gardens are creative expressions that showcase a hobbyists interest in a specific type of gardening style. They differ based upon climate, landscape, or theme, but one thing is the same. The garden is only limited by the creator’s imagination. Here are a four types of specialty gardens that can add natural beauty and functionality to the landscape.

Native Perennial Gardens

If you’re looking for low maintenance, native perennials gardens are a consideration. These gardens naturally thrive and adapt to the environment while providing habitation for local bees and birds.

Japanese Gardens

Simplicity is the mainstay of most Japanese gardens. Aesthetically pleasing combination of water and pathways feature basins, lanterns, and wooden structures, like bridges. The beauty is in the details in these gardens which often include stone groupings and other natural objects.

If you’ve got the time to plant, fertilize, weed, and harvest, vegetable gardening is a great way to obtain organic produce. The tasty fruits and vegetables are good for your family, also. Imagine harvesting farm fresh tomatoes right from your own back yard. Plus, if you plant a mixture of annuals and perennials, your garden will support the neighborhood’s ecosystem.

Sustainable gardens help the environment in a variety of ways. For example, rain gardens conserve water and prevent run-off to streets. Pollinator gardens attract butterflies, birds, and insects that pollinate. Even rock gardens are beneficial for certain species of plants that thrive among rocks.

There are no limits to the ecological possibilities for sustainable landscapes. These specialty gardens can improve air quality or offer organic food choices. The purpose and design of a specialty garden is dependent on the whims of the gardener.