Spruce Up Your Home with Container Gardens

Spruce Up Your Home with Container Gardens

From petite perennials to creative, mini-landscapes, containers gardens are taking urban America by storm. It’s a sustainable way to plant gardens. Containers are re-purposed by recycling them for gardens, instead of tossing them in the trash bin, This form of urban gardening supports recycling, offers therapy, and creates aesthetically pleasing surroundings in a small space.

Planting a small garden is easier than it looks. Three items will get the garden started, including the container, soil, and seeds. The container can be made of almost any small vessel, such as a bucket, milk jug, or plastic pool.

Once the container has holes for drainage, it’s time to lightly pack the soil. Either plant seeds a half-inch below the soil surface or put baby plants in the container. Make sure the container garden gets plenty of water and sunlight.

It’s not necessary to wait for a container garden to grow before adding decorative objects. Planning a container design is one way to ensure that your garden’s theme matches the overall home, garden, or rooftop look. Designs vary from child fantasy to Japanese gardens. Choose one that matches your style to enliven the living area or create mini gardens outside the home.

Small containers fit anywhere, but measure the space to make sure that the container fits into the space. Or, choose a vertical garden For example, a trellis will help a tomato garden to grow taller. Plants with varying heights, textures, and colors will add value to your home.

Don’t forget to water the garden, but not too much. Over watering will kill a container garden. As long as it’s moderately watered, the seeds should sprout and grow.