Build Your Own Rock Garden

Build Your Own Rock Garden

If you’ve never thought about adding a rock garden to the landscape, think again. They are becoming popular because of low maintenance.

Rock gardens occupy a space of land, featuring a design of stones, boulders and rocks.

Create a Base

Draw a design plan for your rock garden, after you’ve chosen an area in the yard. The design should include the location, design, plants, and colors. Place rocks in a circle 3-5 feet in diameter. If you’re putting a rock garden on grass, first dig up the grass or lay newspaper on top of the area you’re using for the rock garden. Then, put dirt on top of the newspaper, within the rock circle. Add compost or sand to assist with drainage.

Add Plants

Rock gardens actually include plants. Select plants that grow well in a rocky environment. Color is a consideration, depending on your landscape design. Also, think about the amount of sun that the plant requires, as it relates to the area that you’ve chosen for the rock garden. Include plants that vary in texture and height.

When choosing rocks for the garden, pick rocks that complement the plants in color. Place larger rocks first. Finish the garden by placing smaller rocks, according to your design.