Garden Pests Must Go, Naturally

Garden Pests Must Go, Naturally

Pesky insects are a handful in the garden. it’s a good thing that there are several natural remedies that will send the offending bugs packing. If you’re using eco-friendly methods, choosing a natural pest control is an important part of the organic gardening experience. Try one of these environmentally friendly methods to keep your garden pest free:


While many humans enjoy beer in a cool mug, they are not alone. Slugs and snails can’t get enough of this alcohol. Set out a saucer in the garden to entice these gastropods to make a move toward the beverage and away from your lovely plants.


Drop 2 tablespoons of red, black, or chili pepper and a few drops of dish soap into a gallon of water. The resulting pepper spray drives away insects, including spider mites. Ginger, dill, and paprika also rid the garden of pests.

Garlic’s strong smell keeps the bugs away. Simply, stick the garlic clove in the soil near a plant to repel bugs. Similarly, oils made from herbs, such as mint, rosemary, basil, and sage will also detract insects. An alcohol and water mixture has the same effect, rebuffing pests with the strong odor. Just spray the mixture that includes a quart of water and a cup of rubbing alcohol on the plant’s leaves.

Soak a cup of tobacco and a quarter teaspoon of dish soap in a gallon of water to create a repellent for leaf-chewing pests. The spray will repel insects, because they won’t like the nicotine.

Dish detergent water is the easiest way to get rid of some insects, especially spider mites. Just spray your plant’s leaves to make the pesky bugs leave.

Pyrethrum is a spray made from dried, crushed chrysanthemums. Mix water, soap, and the chrysanthemum powder together to create a powerful spray that paralyzes some insects on contact. Some companies use this spray as a deterrent to control mosquito populations.

There’s nothing more natural than water. Spraying water on a plant can remove bugs instantly. It’s a quick, easy, and free way to rid yourself of unwanted garden pests.

Whatever pest control method that you choose for the garden, your plants deserve a natural remedy. It takes a short amount of time to make natural pest repellent that keeps your garden healthy. After all, the ingredients are readily available in most homes.