Gardening is Good for Your Health

Gardening is Good for Your Health

There are many different types of gardening, and there are numerous reasons why a person should become involved in this hobby.

Gardening for Health

Aside from the many other advantages of gardening, perhaps one of the most important ones is the health benefits that come with it. The following are just a few of these.

Less Chance of Having a Stroke

There have been some studies such as those outlined in the British Medical Journal, which indicate that gardening can help to reduce the risk of a stroke. This involved looking at people who gardened and were older than sixty years of age. It is indicated that this activity could help to prolong life by 30%.


There are a lot of people who ask what is osteoarthritis because it is such a common ailment. It is also one that many health experts feel is helped by gardening. This is because this condition is helped when the sufferer is active, and gardening certainly allows them to do that.

Stress Reduction

Something that negatively affects a large number of people is stress. This can have an effect on them both mentally and physically. Gardening allows them to become distracted from their stressors. While doing so, it allows them to unwind, and it gives their body a break from the tension that it is under.

Great Diet Supplement

For those who grow vegetables as part of their gardening activity, they are more inclined to eat what they grow. Many enjoy this who might not otherwise eat the number of veggies that they need to sustain their health. Eating vegetables has many health benefits and most vegetable growing gardeners reap the rewards of this.

Sensory Enhancement

No matter whether the gardener is growing flowers or fruit and vegetables, there are all kinds of smells that are created from this activity. These smells help to create a sensory awareness for the gardener and those who are around them. This is particularly good for young children who are just beginning to experience different smells.

Anger Management

A lot of people who suffer from anger problems find that gardening is an excellent outlet for them. All the hard work that goes into gardening acts as a form of release for their pent up anger. By the time they are finished, they find that the tension in the body created by concealed anger is expelled.

Confidence Builder

Gardeners work very hard and feel a sense of pride when the garden is complete and is in full bloom or is ready to harvest. For those people who are lacking self-confidence, this can be a great confidence builder and is excellent for mental health.