The Best Small Garden Types to Have

The Best Small Garden Types to Have

A survey done recently in the UK showed that most homes have a garden. Most of them are flowers and vegetable gardens. They are used for food and adding aesthetic value. There are over 20 types of gardens that you can choose to start in your home. Below are four common types that are easy to start and maintain.

Vegetable Gardens

This is the most preferred type of garden by most people because they will be able to reap what they sowed in the end. You will get fresh vegetables enough to feed a small family for days, if not weeks, but this will depend on the garden’s size. The gardens are fun and relatively easy to maintain. They will also help you reduce the amount of packaged food you buy, and you can be sure that you are eating healthy vegetables.

Herb Gardens

Herbs can be grown for several reasons, like for spices, medicinal purposes, and as cooking ingredients. Having a herb garden ensures you have a year-long supply of fresh herbs and ingredients for your kitchen. Examples of herbs commonly found in a herb garden are mints, basil, coriander, rosemary, and sage.

Greenhouse Gardens

They are the most convenient types of gardens, especially for beginners who don’t know anything about gardening. Plants grown in a greenhouse are always healthy and free of pathogens and chemicals. For a small home garden, you can get the mini-greenhouses that will perfectly fit in your backyard.

Succulent Gardens

There are several types of succulent gardens. They are the fastest-growing trend when it comes to flower arrangements. These gardens are started by experienced gardeners who want to add an aesthetic value to their back or the front yards. The succulents can be arranged in cages, water troughs, and even hanging, and they will still look amazing.